Waterless liquid cooling for your application



 High Performance Computing

For scientists and engineers with HPC equipment that is difficult to cool, Ebullient® DirectJet™ liquid cooling systems maintain low processor temperatures, even while overclocking.

 Infrastructure as a Service

For IaaS providers seeking to reduce operating expenses and maximize revenue, Ebullient® DirectJet™ liquid cooling systems reduce cooling costs up to 75% compared to traditional air cooling and allow more servers to be installed per rack.

Edge Computing

For operators seeking a compact and convenient cooling system for edge applications, Ebullient® DirectJet™ liquid cooling systems install in-rack and eliminate the need for precision air cooling systems.




No water. No worries.

DirectJet™ waterless liquid cooling systems are safe and effective.


DirectJet systems circulate an engineered fluid that, unlike water, poses no risk to computer hardware

Uniform Temps

DirectJet Technology maintains uniform processor temperatures

Image of an Ebullient DirectJet 32 Precision Cooling System installed in a server rack at a data center


DirectJet Module Loops install in any server and cool any processor, regardless of make or model

Cool Many Devices

Cool up to eight processors with each DirectJet Module Loop

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