Data Center

Increase uptime. Decrease costs.

For data center operators seeking to increase uptime and decrease operating costs, Ebullient DirectJet precision cooling systems offer reliable cooling for any server, regardless of make or model, while reducing cooling costs up to 75%.



Overclock. Under control.

For PC integrators and enthusiasts who want low processor temperatures without the risk of water, Ebullient offers systems that maintain low, uniform processor temperatures with an engineered fluid that poses no risk to hardware.



No water. No worries. Ebullient DirectJetTM precision cooling systems create a uniform cool you can trust.

No Water

Our systems circulate an engineered fluid that, unlike water, poses no risk to computer hardware

Uniform Temps

Two-phase cooling maintains uniform temperatures among all your devices



Flexible DirectJet Module Loops install in any server and cool any processor, regardless of make or model

Cool Many Devices

Cool up to eight devices in a series with a single DirectJet Module Loop

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

Three primary system components work together to make up
Ebullient DirectJetTM precision cooling systems.

Step 1
Step 1

Select the appropriate DirectJet System based on the number of servers you will want to cool

Step 2
Step 2

Select DirectJet Manifolds based on the number of servers per rack

Step 3
Step 3

Select DirectJet Module Loops based on the number of processors per server




High-performance DirectJet Modules are the heart of our cooling systems.


DirectJet Module Loops feature flexible tubing that is easy to route.


DirectJet Module Loops install in any server regardless of make or model.


Each DirectJetTM Module can remove up to 375 W of heat.

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