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June 2, 2017

In the IT industry, shattering the status quo is the status quo. While big vendors generate their share of ground-breaking products, startups are a major driver of innovation and are changing the rules of the game.

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Image showing installation of a DirectJet Module of an Ebullient DirectJet liquid cooling system in a Dell server in a data center

May 19, 2017

The system works with a non-conductive engineered fluid...that is pumped into a chamber in the module and then sprayed onto a copper surface that is in contact with the components on the server. The fluid partially vaporizes within the module to form tiny vapor bubbles that transfer heat away from the critical components to keep them cool....

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April 14, 2017

With the emergence of cloud computing and “big data,” more companies are facing data-crunching challenges that resemble those seen by the HPC sector, which could make liquid cooling relevant for a larger pool of data center operators....Ebullient is cooling processors using Novec 7000, a liquid coolant from 3M that has proven popular in immersion cooling solutions for the bitcoin market. Instead of dunking servers in a bath, Ebullient is delivering the dielectric fluid directly to the processor, using a piping system to bring the liquid inside the server chassis....

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February 15, 2017

“We’ve put a lot of time and attention into designing cooling systems that are easy to operate,” said Rob Morell, Director of Product Development at Ebullient. “CPC’s non-spill, quick disconnect couplings allow servers to be connected to or disconnected from our cooling system without shutting it down or affecting neighboring servers. Our customers want the hotswappable capability and leak-free performance to simplify their hardware maintenance”....

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February 14, 2017

With an eye towards ever-increasing future energy demands, data centers are making massive investments in technologies that optimize the efficiency of their infrastructure. As part of these improvements, data centers are deploying next-generation liquid cooling technologies to overcome the shortcomings and inefficiencies of traditional airflow-based cooling methods. Rather than cooling the entire data center space, liquid cooling systems absorb heat directly from the servers. Since liquid densities are nearly 1,000 times greater than air, liquid cooling systems are much more efficient at transferring heat than airflow-based systems...

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February 13, 2017

Most people know that liquid cooling is far more efficient than air-cooling in terms of heat transfer. It is also more economical, reducing the cost of power by as much as 40 percent depending on the installation. Being more efficient with electricity can also reduce carbon footprint and contribute positively to the goals of “greenness” in the data centers, but there are other compelling benefits as well...

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Image of an Ebullient DirectJet Module for liquid cooling an NVIDIA Tesla K80 graphics accelerator

NVIDIA K80 cooling - a liquid cooling use case

November 21, 2016

Did you know that graphics processing units (GPUs) are being used more for big data workloads? Did you also know that these processors have become much more powerful in the workloads they can handle and the data they can process? Even Amazon has jumped on board with making GPU compute mainstream. AWS now deploys NVIDIA Tesla K80 cards to run a variety of applications, including traditional simulation and modeling workloads typical in the HPC market as well as the training of neural networks in deep learning and GPU-accelerated databases...

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Image of Ebullient DirectJet Module Loops connected to a DirectJet Manifold mounted to a server rack

Liquid cooling - a better solution for data center cooling

November 2, 2016

New data center optimization technologies are changing the way administrators deploy cooling and control platforms. Liquid cooling isn’t just a system to optimize data center cooling and server performance—it’s a way to revolutionize data center economics in general. These are tested, proven systems that help a data center support some of the world’s most advanced use-cases....

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Image showing an Ebullient DirectJet Module installed in a Dell server in a data center

Liquid cooling: efficiency for the compute and cloud revolution

October 19, 2016

Next generation data centers will overcome the inherent disadvantages around air cooling through liquid cooling technologies. Liquid cooling systems absorb heat directly at the source (rather than cooling the entire DC space) and greatly reduce flow because liquid densities are about 1,000 times greater than air. Today, single-phase liquid cooling systems absorb heat by warming water-glycol or oil. Unfortunately, water-glycol systems present catastrophic shorting and maintenance risks, while oil immersion systems complicate servicing and often rely on custom server designs....

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Image of Data Center Frontier Special Report on Data Center Liquid Cooling - How New Cooling Technologies are Driving the Compute and Cloud Revolution

Data Center Frontier issues special report on "Data Center Liquid Cooling" featuring Ebullient cooling systems

October 14, 2016

The modern data center has changed; and it’s important that we acknowledge this from the beginning. There are new demands around cloud computing, big data and infrastructure power and data center liquid cooling efficiency....

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Minnesota Department of Commerce logo

Minnesota Department of Commerce seeks data centers to participate in energy efficiency study

MINNESOTA, September 21, 2016

The Minnesota Department of Commerce is seeking small and medium sized data centers in Minnesota to participate in an energy efficiency study to measure energy savings resulting from installing Ebullient DirectJet precision cooling systems...

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Airedale partners with Ebullient to present high-efficiency direct-to-chip cooling solution at DCW 2016

LONDON, England, April 11, 2016

"Airedale is pleased to be working in close relationship with Ebullient to design and build world-leading IT cooling solutions that combine Ebullient's two-phase cooling technology with Airedale's award-winning free cooling products...

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Image of Data Center Frontier news article titled "Ebullient Aims to Take Liquid Cooling Beyond the HPC Market"

Ebullient aims to take liquid cooling beyond the HPC market

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, March 28, 2016

Ebullient is cooling processors using Novec 7000, a liquid coolant from 3M that has proven popular in immersion cooling solutions for the bitcoin market. Instead of dunking servers in a bath, Ebullient is delivering the dielectric fluid directly to the processor, using a piping system to bring the liquid inside the server chassis...

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