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Our blog articles cover a variety of topics, ranging from theoretical heat transfer and fluid dynamics to real-world applications of DirectJet liquid cooling systems.  Is there a topic you'd like to learn more about?  Contact us and let us know!

House passes bill to increase federal data center efficiency

The aim of the legislation is to increase efficiency of federal data centers. According to a statement from Rep. Anna Eshoo’s office, data centers account for nearly 2 percent of all U.S. electricity consumption and 10 percent of the federal government’s electricity consumption. Improving energy efficiency at the federal government’s nearly 2,000 data centers could significantly reduce the government’s energy use and save billions in taxpayer dollars....

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Image of Ebullient DirectJet Module Loops connected to a DirectJet Manifold mounted to a server rack

Non-spill connectors create liquid cooling confidence 

In the liquid cooling space, quality is paramount. The use of high-performance thermoplastic quick disconnects allows servers to be connected to or disconnected from a cooling system without shutting down or affecting neighboring servers, creating hot-swappability, leak-free performance, and simplified hardware maintenance.

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Image showing installation of DirectJet Module of a DirectJet liquid cooling system in a Dell server in a data center

How to install DirectJet Module Loops

No matter the age or make of your servers, Ebullient has a liquid cooling system to keep them cool. DirectJet cooling systems are universal, meaning they can be easily installed on any server. This short guide will take you through the simple process of installing DirectJet Module Loops on your servers...

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Image of NVIDIA Tesla K80 graphics card

Why liquid cool your NVIDIA Tesla K80?

High-end GPU cards have become an indispensable part of modern computing. However, these cards produce significant amounts of heat, and conventional air cooling systems often cannot cool them effectively. Increasingly, consumers are turning to liquid cooling systems, such as Ebullient DirectJet systems...

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Image of Intel Xeon processor

Why is heat a problem for computer chips?

Heat is the ultimate enemy when it comes to high-speed processing. The constant drive for a few hundred more megahertz pushes the cutting edge of computing, but it must always contend against the energy released by so much power flowing in such a tiny space.

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Image of two-phase bubbly flow in a transparent tube

Boiling is surprisingly complex

The boiling point of water is 212 °F (at atmospheric pressure). But in reality, bubbles of water vapor do not develop in water until its temperature is between 212.1 and 572 °F, depending on the circumstances...

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Image of 3M Novec 7000 Engineered Fluid

What is Novec 7000?

Many data centers operators are searching for more efficient cooling equipment and see liquid cooling as the next logical step to improve cooling efficiency and reduce operating expenses in their facilities...

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Image showing installation of a DirectJet Module of an Ebullient DirectJet liquid cooling system in a Dell server in a data center

What is direct-to-chip liquid cooling?

Direct-to-chip liquid cooling is a highly efficient cooling technology for data centers. In most data centers, direct-to-chip liquid cooling can reduce cooling costs up to 75%.  In addition, it allows operators to install more servers per rack, since gaps between servers for airflow are not needed.  For most customers, this means consolidating two or three racks into one and freeing up floor space for future expansion.  Often, this means avoiding large capital expenses associated with constructing new data center space.

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An image of a fluid jet impinging on a heated surface and boiling

How can boiling cool servers?

To many, it’s counterintuitive that a boiling liquid can cool servers. Afterall, the most tangible example of a boiling liquid is in the kitchen, where the boiling point of water is 212 °F, or 100 °C, which is pretty hot to the touch....Our cooling systems use Novec 7000 (HFE-7000)...

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Documents and installation guides for DirectJet liquid cooling systems.  Do you need an analysis of your unique application? We can provide cost savings projections to support your purchase decision.  Contact us to learn more!



Intro Flyer

Image of Ebullient DirectJet Precision Cooling Systems Intro Flyer

Case Study

Image of CPC case study titled Non-spill connectors create liquid cooling confidence for IT operations of all sizes

White Paper

Image of Data Center Frontier Special Report on Data Center Liquid Cooling - How New Cooling Technologies are Driving the Compute and Cloud Revolution

Installation Guide

Image showing a guide for installing an Ebullient DirectJet 32 liquid cooling system in a server rack in a data center



Product Sheets

Ebullient DirectJet Precision Cooling System - Spec Sheet

DirectJet 32 Precision Cooling System

Image of Ebullient DirectJet 32 Fluid Distribution Unit product sheet

DirectJet 32 FDU

Image of an Ebullient DirectJet Manifold - Spec Sheet

DirectJet Manifold

Ebullient DirectJet Module Loop - Spec Sheet

DirectJet Module Loops





User Manual

User Manual - Ebullient DirectJet 32 FDU

DirectJet 32 FDU



Fluid Information

Image of Ebullient Fluid Information Sheet for 3M Novec 7000

Fluid Information Sheet


Image of 3M Novec 7000 Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet


Image of 3M Thermal Management Fluids brochure

3M Thermal Management Fluids

News-E-Logo   Warranty

Ebullient provides standard warranty coverage for DirectJet liquid cooling systems and optional warranty coverage for your IT equipment.



DirectJet Cooling System Warranty

Ebullient DirectJet Precision Cooling Systems are covered by a 1-year limited warranty.

IT Equipment Warranty

Extended Warranties

Ebullient offers optional 1, 3, and 5-year extended warranty coverage on your IT hardware through Signature Technology Group (STG), a subsidiary of Tech Data Corporation.


Factory Warranty Riders

Ebullient works closely with server manufacturers to develop warranty riders respecting DirectJet liquid cooling systems. The result? Your factory warranty coverage remains active with a DirectJet liquid cooling system installed.

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