DirectJet Series


Liquid Cooling for Servers

If you need to reduce operating expenses and increase server density in your data center, Ebullient® DirectJet™ liquid cooling systems are the answer.  Systems reduce cooling costs up to 75% compared to traditional air cooling and allow more servers to be installed per rack.  This allows you to significantly increase server count without adding costly floor space and allows you to maximize revenue by filling your racks with servers.




Increasing server capacity through facility expansion is capital intensive and requires significant planning and resources.

How can you maximize revenue within your existing facility?

With Ebullient, you can likely double the server capacity of your data center without adding square footage. Ebullient’s compact and efficient cooling systems allow you to consolidate servers into fewer racks, maximizing your use of existing space without need for facility expansion.




Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is a dynamic industry subject to rapid increases in demand, making it hard to plan for future needs.

How can you more effectively plan for future demand without investing in significant infrastructure additions?

Unlike traditional air cooling systems that rely on large infrastructure investments to increase cooling capacity, Ebullient DirectJet systems are modular and provide cooling where you need it, when you need it, allowing you to scale cooling one-to-one with increased demand.




Energy is the primary driver of the data center costs. Traditional air cooling systems are inefficient and can’t handle the heat load of next generation servers.

How can you reduce energy consumption to minimize costs?

Ebullient’s patented two-phase cooling system delivers precision cooling to each individual server, thereby providing a much more efficient means of cooling electronics over traditional air cooling systems. In fact, data centers utilizing Ebullient cooling systems typically enjoy 75% lower cooling costs, which equates to a 27% reduction in overall operating costs.




The centralized cooling system is the lifeblood of the data center. If the system goes down, the entire data center is at risk of overheating.

How can you reduce the risk of a mechanical cooling system failure and maximize uptime?

With the exception of an electrical failure, a cooling system failure is a data center’s number one risk. Ebullient cooling systems have only one mechanical component and, therefore, significantly reduce the risk of mechanical failure. Ebullient cooling systems feature 100% hot-swappable components, further reducing the risk of down time.



System Overview

DirectJet cooling systems include three components. Our technical staff will select the best set of components for your application.

Easy Installation

DirectJet systems are easy to install.  In most facilities, the system can be installed in less than 1 hour with no impact on neighboring racks of servers.



System Details



ebullient-hex-logo   DirectJet™ Module Loops

DirectJet Module Loops cool up to eight devices in series and deliver quiet, reliable performance.  Module Loops can be ordered with cooling modules for CPUs and/or graphics cards to meet your specific needs.  Module Loops feature quick-connect fittings and flexible tubing, allowing for rapid installation in any server, regardless of make or model, even blades.





Compatible with:


  • Intel® Itanium®, Core™, Xeon®, Pentium®, and Celeron® processors
  • AMD® FX™ and Athlon™ processors
  • IBM® POWER8™ processor


Image of Intel, AMD, IBM, and NVIDIA logos


Graphics Cards

  • NVIDIA® TESLA K80™ GPU accelerator (read article)
  • NVIDIA® TESLA P100™ GPU accelerators (NVLink and PCI-Express models)
  • NVIDIA® GTX 1080 Ti™ graphics card (coming soon!)
  • NVIDIA® TITAN X™ graphics card (coming soon!)
  • AMD® Firepro™ and Radeon™graphics cards (coming soon!)





ebullient-hex-logo   DirectJet™ Fluid Distribution Unit

DirectJet Fluid Distribution Units deliver 3M® Novec® engineered fluid to DirectJet Manifolds. Units feature industrial-grade pumps and brazed plate heat exchangers to provide exceptional performance and reliability.


    • 30kW capacity @ 32°C
    • Touchscreen display
    • Remote monitoring



ebullient-hex-logo   DirectJet™ Manifold

DirectJet Manifolds accommodate up to 32 DirectJet Module Loops. Manifolds feature non-spill CPC fittings (read article).  Manifolds mount to standard server racks for easy installation.


    • Extruded aluminum body
    • Quick-connect fittings
    • Adjustable flow regulator




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